Will Newer Corvette Rims Fit On A 98 S10

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I was looking for new rims for my 98 S10. I am looking at a set of ZR-1 rims off of a corvette. There are 2 that are 17×9.5 and 2 that are 17×11. I want to have a wide back tire and would put the 17×11 on the back and the 17×9.5 on the front. Would they fit without having to buy spacers? I just love these wheels and would think they would look awsome on my S10. I don’t want to get them if they aren’t going to work. If they would fit, does anyone know what kind of tire size i should use fro front and back? I would like the back to be a lil bit bigger than the front but i don’t want the front tires to be rubbing when i make a sharp turn. Any help would be great.

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    1. Who killed Kenny? says:

      if u get the rite size.

    2. McLaren says:

      They won’t fit without spacers. I had a ’99 Vette that I had changed the wheels on. A buddy of mine tried my old stock ’99 wheels on his 2000 S-10 and they didn’t even come close. Actually I’m not sure if they would have even fit with spacers. If I remember correctly the studs didn’t even reach the mounting surface of the wheel. The ZR-1 wheels have almost identical backspacing and offset as the C5 wheels.