What’s An Easy Way To Get A Steering Wheel Cover On

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I just got a steering wheel that says will fit a steering wheel between 14.5″ and 15.5″ diameter, and i’m right about 15 inches. I have trouble just getting at least half of it on, after that its basically impossible. Its made out of rubber, not leather….i was just wondering if there were any tricks.
i just got a steering wheel cover*

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    1. Kim P says:

      Heat up the rubber steering wheel cover just a bit. I would use an electric heating pad. Also remember to stretch and pull it a bit just before slipping it on. A cold steering wheel might also help, just wait for a cold day. Try putting it on in thirds. get one point on and hold it then a 2nd and hold it then finally your 3rd point. Yes you will need an extra set of hands. Good Luck

    2. Bandit_60 says:

      You have to stretch it over the wheel. that,s what i had to do.

    3. [email protected] says:

      You just need it, the wheel cover, warmer than the wheel, then just PULL it on over the wheel. The same issues that are making it impossible for you to put it on, will make it difficult for it to just slide off too.