How To Change A Tire On A Buick Lesabre

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I have a 1989 Buick Lesabre, and I got a flat tire. The hub cap seems to be PART of the tire, so I am not sure how to change the tire since it is stuck on there and I can’t get to the screws to change it…

please help?


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    1. Billy says:

      There is a cap in the center of the hubcap pop it off and then you will see a bolt in the middle that actually bolts the hubcap to the rim but usually it takes a key that should be in your lugset in your trunk.

    2. Bobweb says:

      But do you really think you’ll be able to loosen the lug nuts and safely jack up the car? There may be caps over the lug nuts that must be loosened first.

    3. Michaels says:

      Carefully pry the center cap off the hubcap, and see if there is a nut holding the hubcap on. Once you take that nut off, you can pry the hubcap off, and expose the lugnuts.

    4. Ibanez says:

      Theres should be a a little hole on the cap that you can insert a flat head screwdriver put in hole and pry the cap off.

    5. Acalex1967 says:

      Im not sure, but sometimes GM put a removable decorative center cap over the center of the wheel that you may need to remove. Try this; Look at the center of the wheel, do you see a round cover? Perhaps with the design of a 3 stacked shields? (That was a buick symbol back in the day)If so, look to see if you can get a flat head screw drive behind it to pry it off. If so, once exposed, you should see a fastener (bolt or screw) that requires a special tool to get it off. Chances are the tool is long gone due to the age of the car. If you were to have it, it would be located in a small envelope in the glove compartment or attached to the lug wrench. If not, you generally can use a pair of needle nose pliers to fabricate a sort of make shift tool to get the cover off with. Once off, you should see the exposed lug nuts and you should be good to go.

    6. Bandit_60 says:

      Yours is probably like my oldsmobile. there is a center cap that needs to come off and then it takes a special wrench to loosen the hub cap. once it,s lose then you can grab it and pull it off. that wrench is probably in the trunk with your jack.