Will Tire Covers Protect My Wheels From Rusting In The Snowy Winter Months

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I am out of the country but my car is still at home in Chicago. And for those of you who know Chicago know that the winters are very harsh!! I have my car parked in a private spot but it is outdoors.

I want to know if the tire covers will keep my brakes, rotors, and wheels from rusting out while the car is sitting (It will not be driven).

If not, any suggestions? I don’t have an indoor garage and cannot get one. Thanks :)

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    1. Wangsbuffet says:

      It wont stop the rust probably but its the next best thing since you don’t have a garage, i’d do it if your really worried about it

    2. Ruthlesscustomworks69 says:

      What up windy city, sorry to tell you but the answer is no,no and no you see when metal is out in the elements humidity and oxidation take over the only reason you don’t see this on a day to day basis is because the pads actually polish the rotor. good luck

    3. S says:

      You would be better taking a can or 2 of WD40 and spraying it all over the wheels, you will get some on the outside of the rotors as well but the inside of them will still rust. Be careful when driving it again for the first time. You may need to respray them every week or two

    4. Jack1496t says:

      Even new car have surface rust on they from not moving .it should not hurt the rotors most of it will come off when you start driving it . i have 89 suburban it stay in the back yard for two years before i drove it rotors had surface rust .drove it it all came off