ABS Light Can Using A Spare Tire Make The ABS Light Come On

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I’m looking to buy a 96 Chevy Truck, z71. I test drove it and the “Anti Lock Breaks” light stayed on. The owner said it was because of the flat tire and having the spare on. (left front) Is this correct?
I thought the sensors were in the rotors. Oddly, while I was driving it, I hit the brakes while on ice and the wheel with the spare locked up, the others didn’t.
Simply, Can using the Spare Tire cause the “Anti-Lock Brakes” light to come one?

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    1. Rev B says:

      You need an ABS scanner to determine whats wrong. A bad ABS motor cost and module wil run $2,000, so make sure you find out before you buy it.

    2. Brian D says:

      If all the tires are the same size it doesn’t matter. if the tire had a catastrophic failure it could have broken the wire on that corner.

    3. Daniel says:


    4. Jay says:

      Most likely a abs sensor on that wheel.the system works by creating an electro magnetic field at each wheel.if all the other wheels performed the way they should then the wheel that locked up probably has a damaged or faulty sensor.Or the wire could possibly be disconnected.If it were the main abs module non of the wheels would work properly