Spacers On A Chevy 1985 Starter For The Starater Engaging Into The Fly Wheel. Add Spacer To Engage Futher

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Does more spacer engage the starter into the fly more or does it take the starter away from the flywheel the starter seems to turn on the teeth and not engaging into the flywheel fully as of now there is no spacers this is the 4th starter dong the same thing. I have gotter 2 answer and they both disagree with each other .
1985 chevy truck 350 c.i.

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    1. Thomas S says:

      When I have had problems with the started engaging I have added spacers. I know it seems strange but that is how it works.

    2. Cristiano says:

      starter shims move the starter away from the engine. check the flywheel and make sure there arent any busted teeth on it, it does happen. you will have to turn the engine over by hand while watching the flywheel.

    3. weasel70 says:

      the shims space the bendix gear further away from ring gear. the more shims the less mesh , the less shims =more mesh. to tight the starter binds, to loose the teeth override,posably breaking them off

    4. notaclue says:

      Read the directions that come in the box with the starter that tells you exactly how to install the starter properly!! What do people think they put directions in the box for! They know ameteurs are going to be doing the work!!! Take the bottom cover off the bell housing so you can see what you are doing. Then pull the coil wire off so you don’t run yourself over and for about $10 at the parts store you can get a push button starter lead that you take underneath with you and hook on the starter. Then you can bump the starter and see where it’s hitting. Inside bolt shims move it out and outside bolt shims move it in! Possibly since you mention “4” starters, you have torn up the flex plate or flywheel and IT needs to be replaced!

    5. dodge man says:

      i own a repair shop,and you add spacers to take it away from the flywheel so it don’t Lock up in the teeth or grind the Bendix off of it the more you add the farther away you,ll be,usually you only need around two of them,be care full and don’t add to much or it will barely catch in the starter,you can tell when you have it right it will turn over real smooth with no grinding or odd noises on it,st take your time with it,sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right,good luck,,i hope this help,s.

    6. deltech says:

      You did not say what engine size you have ,but if its a early model 350 SB adding shims is definitely the wrong way to solve your problem. 9 out of 10 starter alignment issues involve moving the drive closer to flywheel . To do this means you have to remove some metal from top of hsg on starter. If its a v6 then it might need shims. Need more info to get it right

    7. eldoradodave says:

      First of all where are the original spacers and is your starter the right one for your vehicle? Sounds likely as not.Spacers move a starter forward on the flywheel and no spacers moves it back farther to the rear of flywheel . Can you see marks on the flywheel teeth indicating which way it needs to move? You now know which way to go with it for fully engaging the starter. With the missalignment yo may have stripped the teeth on the flywhell down and may need a new ring pressed on(this si the cheapest fix as they make the rings to go on the flywhell

    8. George K says:

      More spacers,the farther the starter get from the fly wheel.

    9. [email protected] says:

      it moves the starter farther away.