My Front Tires Rub On The Inner Tire Well When I Make Big Turns. Can I Put Wheel Spacers Just On The Front

I have a 1991 bmw 318is with a 1994 bmw 325is engine. i just completed the swap and i threw some 17×7.5 rims with 225/45/17 wheels on it. when i turn the wheel from lock to lock my tires rub against the inner wheel well. i think if i put like 10mm spacers on the front it would alleviate this problem. i was told however that i cant put spacers on the front without spacing the rear out as well. is that true?
10mm spacers on the left and right equaling 20mm of space from the original position.
getting smaller tires is not an option. these are practically brand new.
i have a 3 year alignment thing with merchant. so thats not an issue. its not the size of the rim, its the height of the tire and the height of my car. this is just a temporary solution. when i have more money and more options i will get rims with a different offset.

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