How To Remove A Stripped Lug Nut On My Wheel

Posted in Wheels | Asked on Sep 17, 2009

the tire iron will not grab on. tried a socket one size smaller didnt work dont have a damaged bolt/nut remover set PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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  1. Blazer says:

    Sears has a special 3 piece socket set just for this called lug outs. Do yourself a favor and get this set before you mangle them to bad to use it. I have this set and they work great. I also have bolt outs from sears they are for smaller stuff, These sets really work, better than anything else that I have tried.

  2. stush30@ says:

    I think you meant to say that you rounded off the outer edges of the lug nut. Since this happened at home, try a cold chisel on the outer edge of the nut hitting with force in a counter clockwise motion and try to do this on each corner of the nut.
    Sears now carries a set of sockets made just for nuts that have been rounded but I can’t remember the name. I think it was TIGHT GRIP.

  3. junior says:

    If you have a socket that is just slightly smaller than the correct size, you may be able to beat it on the lug nut with a hammer. Try to hammer it all the way on. Preferably use a 1/2″ drive socket. Put a length of pipe on the ratchet handle for leverage. If you are lucky, the nut will come off.

  4. matt_cru says:

    Take the vehicle to a tire shop they have a tool made for it and could take it off for about $5.00
    they use it mostly for locking lug nuts that people have lost the keys to.

  5. YUNGJAYE says:

    Adjustable Wrench. Always works.

  6. jim says:

    Any tire shop will remove it for 5 dollars

  7. popey_19 says:

    heat the lug nut up with a blow torch and knock it off

  8. ej says:

    Maybe vice grips?

  9. Ken M says:

    you may have to drill it out

  10. breekatz says:

    large vice grips and tap with a hammer to the L loosen side