How To Remove A Stripped Lug Nut From The Stud

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We pretty much messed it up, there are no angles on it, so there is no grip. Is it possible to drill the actual lug nut and it will crack? The cap part of the lug nut is off as well, so its just the bolt or nut (not sure of the terms to use).

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    1. Third boxcar, midnight train says:

      Yes you might be able to remove it.
      Check at the local parts house for either
      a ‘freeze’ kit (pressurized refrigerant) that’ll freeze the stud so it can be broken off w/a hammer
      a twistout (KD Tools – KD3630) or equal lugnut set.
      Sears also sells similar ‘twistouts’ but it’s a shot as to them being stock or not…

    2. awftx says:

      Your better off to “freeze it, snap it off with a hammer and replace the stud and nut. This will keep you from damaging the wheel….

    3. doane_nu says:

      Go to Sears and get a Damaged Bolt/Nut remover set. They have smaller sets also, not all are $60.… ^(…)

    4. Linda says:

      Depends on where you’re located, Before just taking it somewhere, I’d call around because a lot of companies have liability issues these days. Sounds like a professional is going to have to take it off because if you try to drill it you’ll mess up the stud that the lugnut goes on then they’ll have to take the hub off and beat the old stud out and replace it . A lugstud is only about $5.00 but the labor will eat you alive.

    5. Will S says:

      If you cant bank a socket on it, take it to a shop, they can try an air hammer or a torch, either way the rim is going to be ugly afterwards.

    6. Cowboy Bill says:

      You can buy or possibly rent a nut-splitter. It is a simple device that uses a pointed, hardened screw to pierce the nut and crack it open. Once that is done it is simple to unscrew or if needed, you can do it to both sides and remove it completely. Check out Autozone, NAPA or Advanced Auto Parts. One more option would be to use a Dremmel rotary tool to ‘cut’ the nut off the lug.