How To Clean The Hub Caps On My Car

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  • I’ve tried CLR and other household products, there is built on rust and dirty grime on the rims of my tired. Any suggestions for removal?

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    1. HyperGfo says:

      Stop by your local auto parts store.They have special cleaners made just for car wheels.Quick and eazy.

    2. coastiew says:

      you might be able to buff rust off with a dremel, just don’t puncture your tire. Or try WD 40

    3. ogg08 says:

      time for a new set…it’s inexpensive at walmart

    4. ladybuge says:

      You can sand it, then clear-coat it to prevent further rust.
      Mask the tires off at least, or even better, take them off.

    5. Retribut says:

      replace it with new ones….hub caps are cheap on ebay

    6. good bye says:

      mothers wheel cleaner ,,,at any part store that is what i use on my customer cars

    7. FMX says:

      grind it away. lol

    8. bigp says:

      Go to wallmart or your local autoparts store and buy a bottle of chrome polish made by turtle wax. use a good stiff toothbrush apply the polish to toothbrush and scrub the rust off the directions for using polish are on the bottle, When the rust is cleaned off use a good car wax on the hubcaps. Chrome polish will clean lots of different things try it I think you will agree.