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Can We get Better mileage by Using the Paddle Shifters on an Automatic Transmission Car 3

I drive an automatic Honda Fit Sport and it has paddle shifters on the steering wheel. I’m wondering if you can get better mileage if you use the paddle shifters as opposed to leaving the car in automatic mode.

How to Change an Automatic Shift Knob on a 1994 Pontiac Grand AM 3

I bought a momo italian shift knob. and do not know how to take off my old shifter knob, also my cars a automatic, so i dont know if that makes a diffrence in anything

When a Manual Transmission Car has Paddle Shifters do You Still use a Clutch When Shifting 6

I havent really cared to know this until now when i found out the new Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera would have rally racing type paddle shifters as an option but know i want to know if a clutch is still used or if its just press one button to upshift

What is the Cheapest Car With Paddle Shifters 2

I want a car with paddle shifters but not one with a large price tag, how do you install paddle shifters?