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Why Do Cabin Crew Ask For The Sun Visors To Be Put Up When Landing 5

Just came back from prague today, and the air hostess announced that all sun visors should be put up for landing and take off. i was in australia last month and took 8 flights and the air crew on these flights also asked for the visors to be raised.

What Is Between The Sun Visor In Car 3

What is between the sun visor, in car?

I Can’t Find A 1999 Wrangler TJ Sun Visor To Purchase Would Another Year Perhaps Fit Mine 4

I have searched everywhere, even EBay but I can’t find one that shows it fits a 1999. Help!

My Sun Visor In My Car 10 Points 4

My sun visor on my passenger side broke, one day i flapped it down to block the sun and i heard this click and from then on it wont go back up..its starting to affect my driving because i have a hard time seeing to my right because its

Leaking Sun Visor… Any Help Is Better Than None 3

I have a 1991 Chevy truck and the Sun Visor keeps leaking. When it rains, everywhere there are bolts, holding the visor, there is dripping water. I have replaced the rubber washers and bolds, and this time put in some sillicone, but its still leaking… any help PLEASE! Thank

The Sun Visor On The Passenger Side On My 2004 Dodge 3/4 Ton Pick Up Will Not Stay In The Up Position. 3

It slowing falls down as we drive. Do you have any idea about how to make it stay up when we want it up and down when we want it down? I hate to have to buy another one. The dealer would want “an arm and a leg.”