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Is My Accessory Belt Too Tight 1

So my dad changed the harmonic balancer on my 99 mitsubishi eclipse spyder 2.4l. When he was done, I took it to school, it drove normal. Today, my mom drove it and she said it kept cutting off on her. I thought maybe it was the battery terminal because

Anyone Familiar With How The Transmission Cooler Return Lines Go On A 2001 Maxima 1

Thank you for reading my questions and please try to bear with my question- it is not easy to explain. I installed a new radiator and I want to verify the correct routing of the two smaller transmission cooler lines (return lines?). There are two fixed metal lines on

’05 Chevrolet Suburban Electrical Questions 5

Never tried yahoo! answers before, but here goes…….(BTW, I noticed “Chevy Owner” is a GM cert. mech. and provides seemingly good advice.) I have an ’05 Suburban LT Autoride 5.3L with just about every bell and whistle one could imagine for options. My situation is that I like to

Dodge Caravan 2000 Power Outlet Is Powerless Help 1

I checked the fuse box under the dash… I couldn’t find any fuses that were labeled with anything that indicated power outlet (or cig lighter or accessory power). So I checked all the fuses and they all looked good. Next I checked the fuse box next to the battery

What Are The Noises I Hear Before The Car Starts 2001 Maxima 1

When I turn the key to accessory (just before starting the car), I hear sounds like it’s priming something under the hood. Doesn’t sound like a fuel pump (in tank). This is definitely coming from under the hood. I also hear them right after turning it off. The sounds

How To Fix An Engine Coolant Leak 5

Today when i started my car after filling up (with gas), I noticed that my check engine light came on. I turned off the engine and re started the car and waited to see if it was just flashing like all the other instruments do when the key is