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Where Is The Knock Sensor On A 2.4l Twin Cam Pontiac Grand Am 1998 1

If you can not tell me can you please show me a site with details. And if you say please tell me in as much detail as you please.

Im Thinking About Buying A Twin Turbo 1993 Rx7 2

The cost is $3000 the specs- New 19″ CHROME Motegi Rims with Nitto Tires. NO SCRATCHES AT ALL ON RIMS! Very Sharp Sleek Headlight Kit. Painted Rear Spoiler. Shaved Antenna and Shaved Rear Wiper. Lowered 2 Inches with Sprint Lowering Springs. Diamond Plate Above Exhaust, very nice touch. Interior:

Fair Price For A 1992 Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo 4

Hello, Is this a reasonable price for this car with these specs/mods? PICS: 1) 2) 3) SPECS: – 52 000km – 3.0l Twin Turbo – 5spd – full time AWD – Fully Loaded – A/C – Cruise Cont – Power Seats – Power Steering – PW

Where To Locate PCV Valve On A Honda Accord 1986 Twin Barrel Caurburetted Engine 3

How to check vaccum leaks as the car is idling rough and stalling. Carburettor was cleaned and Coil, distributor cap have been changed with used parts. Fuel Pump was changed (but not the filters as I could not get it). So I have to spray it at the areas

Twin Turbos I Dont Completly Understand How To Choose A Turbo For My Car 3

Hey im reposting this question with more detail because i still dont understand i got a couple questions a turbo from my understanding of turos is limited i know that at 14 pounds of boost hp is doubled is this right? if a turbo can handle 800hp what does

How Much HP Does A Twin Flowmaster Exhaust System Add To A 1967 289 Mustang 1

I got a 1967 289 mustang and i added twin “flowmaster exhaust” system…idk how much HP it added..can anyone tell me or gimme a site that CAN tell me….thank you so much