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1999 Audi A4 Quatro, Ignition Switch Problem 2

New car to me..I need info on this, I replaced it and it went again 1 day later, is this a recalled part…is this common? cost to replace ?

I Have 95 Audi 90 Series Cant Get Gas Or Spark Have Replace Camshaft Crank Shaft Coil Packs Ignition Switch 2

Replaced ignition control modular what else can it be?

Why Does It Cost Over $500 To Replace A 2004 Ford Focus Ignition Switch 3

The switch will not turn after the key is inserted. I was quoted over $500. The explanation was that the keys have computer chips and you must buy two. The system supposedly cannot be programed without two keys with chips. Is this true or am I being scammed into

Location Of Ignition Switch On 1998 Ford Windstar GL 1

It does not have an anti-theft system. The ignition switch is hanging by the pedals and I need to know where its orginal location was so I can put it back. Pictures of the location would help. The engine does not start with the key but it will start

Replace Audi Ignition Switch 1

This a adui 100 have books one this but it does not show how to replace switch or how to take old out help? audi is 1991 100 we have books on it but does not show the switch

What Does The Phase Switch On The Kenwood 9104D Amplifier Do 1

I bought an amp and got everything hooked up, but what does the phase switch do? It says something about reverse and 180?