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What Do I Do With A Spark Plug That’s Very Hard To Unscrew 6

I own a 1998 Honda Civic EX and it just recently started to run really rough. A man at an EZ-Lube ran a diagnostic on it and it told him that a spark plug was misfiring. Thus, I wanted to replace all of the spark plugs. I successfully replaced

2004 Dodge Neon P0302 Please Help 3

Hi, I drive a stock 2004 Neon (ATX) and I’ve had the p0302 code for awhile. I’ve thoroughly read through the posts on but I really need your guys help. The CEL is solid, does not flash, only time it flashes is when I am at a stop

2000 Honda Civic Si Mods 4

4-2-1 headers Cold Air Intake Exhaust System Intake Manifold Stage 1 Cams spark plugs spark plug wires pulleys clutch flywheel ecu chip cam gears spring and retainer tune would you take anything off this list? would you add anything to this list? let me know. any guesses on numbers?

I Have A 93 Dodge Dakota With An Engine From A 97 And I Replaced My Intake Manifold Today My Truck Back Fire 3

No vacum leak.can my spark plug wires be cross.

1998 Honda Civic COOLENT Problem 2

I’ve had this problem over an year, coolent runs out of reserve in 3 months and the car overheats. No drop leaks by the way. I took it to a mechanic after and 1 day of serious checking he told me there was small concentration of coolent leaking into

92 Honda Civic LX With D15B7 Engine Question 4

I have a 1992 honda civic LX with a D15B7 engine me and my bro just changed the oil , antifreeze, thermostat, spark plugs and spark plug wires but the car is overheating and one person said it could be a blown cylinder head and someone said could be