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Can Anyone Help Me Out With My 1993 Honda Civic Ex .why Doesnt It Start 3

Ok so heres the deal .. my civic was overheating and we changed the thermosat .. and didnt use the car for 1 week … so we were on out way on a long trip .. so 10 minutes into the trip the car starts to heat up a

97 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.8L 2wd Still Running Bad 3

Hello everyone I need some more help. Here was my 1st problem. I got the Van from a in-law’s. in-law. The van was sitting for about 6-7 months. When I got there the van was running. I drove it home and you could tell it needed a tune-up. The


I have an 1986 Toyota Pickup with a 22R, I tested the compression of all 4 but number 3 reads nothing even though the other 3(1,2,4) read 125psi. The truck runs choppy and when I pull the #3 spark plug wire it makes no difference in the way it

Does Bigger Spark Plug Wire Add Hours Power 1

Hey,If I add bigger spark plug wire to my car will it make a big difference in hp? right now i have Wire Diameter 7 mm I’m looking at 8.5mm Wire Diameter. can you help me out thanks….

Does The Length Of The Spark Plug Wire On A Motorcycle Make A Difference 6

Does the length of the spark plug wire on a motorcycle make a difference?

1996 FORD Explorer 5.0 Will Not Start 2

Last week my sons Explorer started making a strange noise, well the AC clutch was try to come apart, the compressor seems ok so we repalcesd the clutch. The truck started after we repa]laced the clutch so I turned it off to check everything was installed and tight. When