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Is A Chevrolet 396ci Engine A Big Block Or A Small Block 6

I’m not quite sure whether it is a small block or a big block.

I’ve Seen A Standard Jeeps Shift Knob And There Are Two Shifters How Do I Use The Small One 6

I want a standard car and I am looking for a Jeep, but it has two levers, and when I said I do not know how the second, no one knows how to use in my family, how goes it would be welcome so standard Tips to be allowed.

Will A Chevy 350 Small Block Crate Engine Fit In A 19932003 Camaro Z28 1

I want to know if a Chevy 350 would box in a Z28 Camaro any year 1993 to 2003, fit and if so, what years. What changes / Plug and Play wiring harness would be necessary?

What Would Cause Aa Wire To Burn Up To A Glowplug On A Small Diesel 2

The device is a long 360 tractor 4 cyl model.

Small Block Chevy Oil Pressure Sender 2

I put a used engine ZZ4 in my 81 K5 Blazer and have the following problem. Tapping on the side of the distributor for the oil pressure sender has some sort of brass plug can not remove me. I tried a hole in it with a screwdriver to turn

Will A Older Small Block Chevy Engine That’s In A 83 Chevy Silverodo 2wd Be Able To Go In A 91 Silverodo 4wd 1

See 4WD has an oil cooler and I’m wondering if that would go in the older block attacment