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How Do I Find The Size Engine In My 84 Nissan 720 Pickup Can I Look At The Vin How Do I Know 4

Is there a stamp or something on the motor or what. it has a 2bbl carb. i think is 2.4. not sure. it has 8 spark plugs if that makes a difference. it’s a 4 cylinder with two plugs per cylinder.

Stereo Size Of A 2001 Ford Explorer Sport. 1

I received this car without a stereo in it. I wish to purchase an after market head unit but i do not know if it is Double DIN or 1.5 Din (din and a half). Does anyone know the size i would need to buy, or a link to

What Size Stereo Deck Should I Have In My 06 Saab 95 1

Is it a double din?

New Car Stereo And The Size 2

I want to put in a new stereo. the factory one is about 7×4 inches, like a double din. can they fit it if i want a single din? would this cost more than just putting in a double din one?

What Is The Size Of A 2001 Toyota Corolla LE Car Stereo 1

I have the factory stereo still installed in my car. I want to upgrade it and i want to know what size stereo i need to buy.Is it a 1 DIN (Single DIN) or 2 DIN (Double DIN)? Any other information helping me change the stereo is appreciated as

What Size Amp Do I Need For 2 10 Kicker Subwoofers 1

What size amp do i need for 2 10″ kicker subwoofers?