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Why Is My Honda Civic Making A Tiny Rattling Noise 5

I have a 2000 Honda Civic that make a rattling noise whenever I accelerate. It only happens when I start hitting around 25 – 30 MPH and lasts for 2 or 3 seconds. If I stop accelerating, it goes away. It doesn’t come back as long as I maintain

What Were The Last Year And Model Cars Sold In The US That Had No Plastic Body Parts 4

I just had my car smogged and there was a 1955 Plymouth Savoy in the lot. I looked at that sucker and it looked so solid and substantial. The bumpers were heavy chrome plated steel, and the grille bar was the same. You could see how the sheet metal

How Much Should I Sell My Truck Toolbox For 1

I have a truck tool box I want to sell but I need to know how much its worth. It’s the kind that mounts behind the cab. It fits a small pick-up (I had it in a Ford Ranger). It’s a nice shinny diamond plate aluminum kind, not the

Should My Gas Cap Make An Air Noise When I Take It Off When Filling Up 6

Well, mine does not and I am having a fuel problem, I think. 2000 Blazer. Changed cap, fuel pump and relay in fuse box (actually switched with a/c relay-they are the same part). I am going nuts. Blazer starts fine when cold and then when it is warm, you

Is It Possible To Weld Sheet Metal With A Wire Welder 7

I have a flux core wire welder. It has about 5 or 6 amperage settings. I tried welding some sheet metal together at the lowest setting, but it just blew a hole in the metal. I was just trying to practice, and it was really thin metal, but is

Is This Truck Worth Putting The Money Into 5

My pap has a 1985 Chevy C10/K10? and it has a 350 small block, 4 wheel drive. he doesn’t drive it anymore because he bought a newer truck 2 years ago, but I am pretty sure it still runs. the only bad thing about it is that it needs