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Questions About Cars…for My Auto Shop Class 1

Hey! I have a final due today, sick of the auto shop at the class this semester, but I was for almost half of the weeks I had class (this class is only once a week). So I just need some things to help and need it explained to

Car Questions/ Suggestions About 2000 Nissan Altima Gxe 1

I have recently replaced my car with platinum spark plugs, Bosch spark plugs performancce 2, and when removing the old, I was oil on the entire top of the plug, which is within the cylinder head. but the opposite end was oil free (part that connects to the wires),

88 Dakota V6 To V8 Swap Questions 2

So I could train my V6 engine from my 88 Dakota, I want to put a V8 (318 – just like a simple swap as far as mounts) engine seems to sie.Ich want a V8 engine with fuel injection, no (carb’ed) with the old style distributor (I do not

Car Questions, 1994 Escort 2

Hey everyone, just my parents bought me a 1994 Ford Escort, and they always say its gonna a good first car for me to be, because it has bad acceleration since its a 4 cylinder. I wonder how slow to accelerate these things go, so I thought I would,

Internal Combustion Engine Questions 3

What powers the exhuast and intake camshafts, what is connected to the weight, it helps the connecting rod and the piston up again?

2000 Chevy S10 4×4 Lifting And Performance Mod Questions 1

I was, what is the best and cheapest way to lift my S10 fragen.Ich have torsion bars on the front axle and leaf springs hinten.Ich thought torsion keys in front and back in chains is probably $ 70-470 Wert.oderunter the lift-off spindles a junkyard zr2 with_____ along and putting