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I Am Not To Car Savy. Can You Explain This To Me 6

My husband and I found a great deal for a car. We went to go see it and it sounds like a great deal.( And yes, I do totally trust the place were getting it from.) Although, they were tuning it up and still building it when we got

Good Drag Setup For A 383 Stroker 5

Forged 400 Crankshaft, Forged JE Pistons, Forged H-Beam Rods, Heavy Duty Rings and Bearings, Heavy Duty Valve Springs, Dart Pro 1 Aluminum Ported Heads, Performance Roller Rocker Arms, Dual Holley 600cfm Carburetors, Weiand 6-71 Supercharger (Kit), Supercharger Intake Manifold, Supercharger Dual Holley 600cfm 4 Barrel Carburetors, Weiand Enderle Style

What Compression Ratio To Look For 2

I am replacing my stock pistons and connecting rods with stronger aftermarket ones to withstand the pressure of a Hahns Racecraft Turbocharger in a Dodge Neon SRT-4. i have the option of JE pistons with either a 8:0:1 comp ratio or a 8:5:1 ratio……..which is better for the given

What In God’s Name Is Wrong With My Aftermarket Engine 5

I bought a 1994 Honda Del Sol with a heavily modified engine about 2 years ago. I’m not a mechanic, I just wanted to please a fast car and I Del Sols always has, so I ended up buying a car that was too far out of my league.