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Car Not Starting Expieriance In Mechanics Required 5

I recently got a 1989 Dodge Raider that hasn’t been started in 5 years. Since I got it I drained the old gas filled it with new gas, replaced the spark-plugs, checked for spark, cleaned the air filter, flushed the radiator, changed the oil, put a good battery in

Trying To Find Out Why Cylinder 7 Constantly Misfires 5

I had a total tune up done on 1998 Dodge ram B1500 van and the one cylinder is still misfiring and check engine light comes on and off. The vehicle does idle very rough and I was told there is really bad carbon deposits in the intake manifold. Miles

Water In Only Half The Cylinders 6

Ok weird question but i dont really know how to ask it. we have a 97 dodge intrepid and recently i asked about the muffler shortly after that we had water in our intake manifold but its only in 3 of the 6 cylinders 1, 3 and 5 and

What To Look At When Buying Old Truck 3

Im looking into buying an 1989 dodge, this is the description.. can you tell me what to look at? what to look for? what to ask? 1989 Dodge Ram W250 with 120 000 on the body and I beleive around 30 000 on the rebuilt engine (Was rebuilt 7

Truck Problem. I Have No Idea And I Need Help 3

I have a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9L V8, and I’ve stumbled across a problem. My truck will die after startup, unless i hold down the gas pedal. This problem started after I cleaned the throttle body because of a check engine light. What shocks me is that if

Why Won’t Our Rebuilt Motor Fire 5

I recently rebuilt the 318-3 Dodge in a 1973 Winnebago. We took the heads off and had them redone, replaced the timing gear, and rebuilt the carb. When the heads where at the shop, they said one of the heads had been resurfaced to low. When I tried to