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What Causes A Harmonic Balancer To Fly Out Of Car While Driving 5

Okay I was at a stop sign then checked for cars and then crossed the higway real fast all of a sudden I was driving about 5 seconds after I crossed I heard a noise in my car like I had a flat tire. So I pull over to

Is My Torn Car Tire Covered By Car Insurance 5

I hit the side of my car against a curb and later saw, had a torn/ flat tire do you guys think – it should be covered by my insurance ?? it is original manucture installed tire – no road hazard insurance thanks !!

Wheel Bearring, Cv Joint, Brake Calliper HELP 4

Ok so I have a 2004 nissan sentra ser, in the mornings ONLY MORNING time or a little while after not driving the car, I notice a clicking noise like a flat tire clicking noise after 5 minutes driving the noise goes away but comes back when I first

How Much Will Body Work On A 2005 Chevy Cobalt Cost 1

Not even a week after I got my car in July, I had gotten a flat tire. Unfortunately, no one has ever given me a walk through on how to change the tire myself. A friend of mine said he knew how to change a tire, so we got

My Brakes Locked On My C230 1

I got a flat tire and when i put the spare on that wheel wont spin. why? didnt do anything wrong, turns out the spare tire uses smaller lug nuts which didnt come with my car since i bought it used

What Is Up With The Wheel Locks On Our 2005 Volvo S40 4

Got our first flat tire today at 23000 miles. Loosened the lugs, removed the small spare, and jacked up the car. After removing the lugs, the wheel would not come off. There was another bolt in the center of the hub–no tool supplied to remove it. After getting a