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Will A Double Din Aftermarket Stereo Fit In My 2004 F350 2

Will a double din aftermarket stereo fit in my 2004 F350?

01 F350 Ujoint Between Axle And Tire Busted 1

01 F350 4×4 7.3 powerstroke…. The u-joint that connects my ftont driver side tire to the axle is busted. What has to be done to fix it? I was told the entire front shaft has to come apart by a mechanic shop. Then one of my friends that does

1992 Ford F250 Wont Turn Over With The Key 3

I have a F350 and A F250 this just started on both, so now when you turn the key to start, the accessories come on and the glow plugs do their thing but when you go to start it it does nothing, now I am able to go to

Who Offers The Best Four Link Suspension System For 4×4 Trucks 1

I have a custom F350 lifted truck which is a fire truck. The current leaf spring suspension is too stiff and does not offer a lot of suspension travel. I live in Missouri and I’m seeking the best shop that can build and install a true four link suspension

93 Ford 350 Diesel Needs Tune Up . 3

Hello i have a 93 f350 deisel just inherited it i know a little mechanics about regular unleaded engines but diesels i know are different. i want to change the fuel filter , and glow plugs. filter doesnt look hard but any tips or hints would help. the glow

Powerstroke No Start 5

Okay, Posted a few days ago about my 2002 F350 Powerstroke not starting, want to clarify a few things…I live in Maine and lately it has been around 10 degrees farenheit at night and 20 degrees during the day…It starts perfectly inside (around 65 degrees in my shop), and