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How To Winterize A 40 Hp Mercury Outboard. 2

I have a older 40 hp Mercury outboard. I picked up the boat and motor during late summer. But I haven’t had a chance to put it in the water yet. I had it started and ran for a short bit when I bought it to make sure it

2001 Blazer Zr2 Dropped Oil Pressure Could It Be Oil Pump Or Clogged With Sludge 1

OK so my 2001 blazer zr2 started to drop oil pressure on me friday. my check engine light came on and check gauges lite came on also i look down and saw i lost oil pressure completely so I shut it off and let it cool my dad shows

1981 Jeep CJ7 SR4 Transmission. How Do I Drain The Transmission 1

My shifter seemed unattached to anything. I pulled the shift lever and found the offset lever detached and laying over to one side. It looks like the shift rail is threaded on the end but there is no nut there, allowing the offset lever to slide off. Thats my