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3rd Part Of Overheating Malibu 3

He worked on for a few days with the heating, but now it is not. Also you have to make more anti-freeze every 1-2 days. Since I see no visible leak then I suspect that the problem is a blown head gasket or leak in the manifold, but I

Can Somebody Help With My Car Issues 3

I have the 2003 Hyundai Sonata, 2 4-liter Motor.Es began coding random cylinder misfires. The coil packs, wires, plugs, cylinder head gasket, injectors and all tested fine. The timing belt broke about a year ago caused some valves bent. There was no other damage. Head has been processed and

What Does It Mean When Oil Is On All Of The Spark Plugs On One Bank Of Cylinders 6

I have for the oil-electrode part of my spark plugs (the part that is actually inside the cylinder) and all connectors on one bank of cylinders affected, whereas the others are in order. I suspect my already valve cover gasket has an external leak, but I think the problem