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Ecu Problems Wont Start… Mazda 2.3 B2300 Or Ranger 2.3 5

Truck initially felt like it was running out of gas bogging down the road until it gave out and shut down. Put a few gallons in the tank. (the tank had algae or gunk at the bottom of it). did not start up. I took the intake hose off

Engine Coolant Temp Sensor… 3

96 mazda protege, engine does not wana start at all when cold, battery is new and got tested good.. cranks over fine but doesnt start until about 10 mins and thats when the battery is just about dead then it will start. Also starts when its warm with no

Will Bad Oxygen Sensor Or Idle Air Control Valve Cause Hard Start 6

I own a 2002 ford mustang gt, automatic. My car has a hard time starting after driving it for awhile (it cranks, but dies off right after attempting to start while making a bop’ing noise). i had my fuel related issue taken care of (fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel

Can Anyone Help Me Out With My 1993 Honda Civic Ex .why Doesnt It Start 3

Ok so heres the deal .. my civic was overheating and we changed the thermosat .. and didnt use the car for 1 week … so we were on out way on a long trip .. so 10 minutes into the trip the car starts to heat up a

2006 Honda Civic Wont Turn On 2

I have a 2006 civic LX with 30K on it. Everything is and has been fine with it no issues. Last night i parked outside my friends house as he ran in for a little while, so i shut the car off. Once i went to turn it back

My Car Cranks But Won’t Start, What’s The Problem 5

2 days ago, i got into my car a 2001 audi a4 1.8t, ready to get to school, when i turned the ignition, it cranks but the engine won’t start, i kept trying but every time it failed. There is gas fumes coming out of the tailpipe and it