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Basic Car Cooling System Question. 6

So I have a ’98 Honda Civic Hatchback Dx and a couple of months ago it started reading really hot and overheating. I took it to a mechanic and they said all of my hoses were too soft and needed to be replaced., but everything else was in good

Why Is My Coolant Reservoir Keep Over Filling Making My Car Overheat 5

My 2005 Honda Civic w/ 148,000 miles is overheating because it keeps losing coolant from the reservoir because it keeping filling up so high that is comes out the top. I am having to keep putting coolant in the radiator before a long trip because it lost coolant from

Car Overheats At Idle And Sometimes While Driving 9

I have a 1987 Honda Civic 1500. It’s been overheating at idle and sometimes it overheats while I’m driving it. I backflushed the cooling system and used Zerex Radiator Flush on it. I filled it with new antifreeze. It still overheated. I took the thermostat out (195 degree) and

Does This Sound Like A Head Gasket Issue 7

I brought my car to Firestone to get a coolant flush, then next thing you know a week later my car starts overheating by looking at the temp gauge needle on the dash board. Does this sound like a head gasket issue or more like trapped air in the

Cooling System Leaking On My 1992 Honda Accord Lx 4

My 1992 honda accord keept over heating so i replaced all the hoses and termostat and put a new rad in it and it still would over heat and now it leaking coolant somewere behind the moter under the intake manifold i know that theres a metal pipe back

1995 Honda Civic Still Overheating With New Radiator 5

My brothers honda has been overheating for some time, not sure exactly maybe 2 mnths maybe more, so he replaced the radiator and cleaned out the tubes. today he overheated to H sooner within 15 mins and loss about a quarter of reserve water in that time frame, he