Why Is My Nissan 300zx Overheating When I Have My Air Conditioner On

Alright here I go, The car is a 91 nissan 300zx na 2+2. the problem i am having is that my car starts to over heat after about ten minutes of having the air conditioner on. but if i turn it off and i am not in stop and go traffic the car will still stay... [...]

Car Overheating. New Thermostat. New Coolant. New Water Pump.

A few months ago I replaced the water pump because it started leaking. It continue to heat up 3/4 of the way at random times then went back down. I replaced the thermostat recently with an OEM one. I had replaced it before with an aftermarket. No white... [...]

Honda Civic 2005 EX Overheat

Now and then my 2005 Honda Civic EX’ temperature gauge goes up 3/4 of the readline (maximum). I noticed this happened only when my car is idle (engine on, not moving like when stopping on a traffic light). The problem resolves on its own or if... [...]

I Have A 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1.8 Liter Engine Nonturbo And Have Recently Been Having An Overheating Probl

I have a 1992 mitsubishi eclipse 1.8 liter engine non-turbo and have recently been having an overheating problem. I had recently been having this problem soon after the winter, which i think may be because i now have the heater off and not cooling the... [...]