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How Far Apart Are The Clips Used To Hold The Sun Visor In Place In A Dodge Charger Year 2006 And Up 1

I need to know how far apart they are in inches. The part that attaches the sun visor to the roof, to the clip that holds it in place. Where the sun visor attaches to the roof, i need to know from that point to the other clip on

My Car Wont Start Every Once And A While, It Will Start With A Jump Or A Few Minutes On A Charger. 6

Could an alternator work some of the time? The battery is only one year old.

I Have 22 Inch Wheels On My 07 Charger, What Do I Do To Rid The Rough Ride Will Spacers Help Or Make It Worse 3

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Battery Charger Brand Shucmaker 2

I need someone to explain what to do mean 2 / 40 AMP, when a battery is charged, must be shown on a 200-CA, which I know is when you quick start the car right, then want. Thanks in advance

Can I Connect A 12 Volt Battery To A 30 Yr. Old 6 Volt Fence Charger Without Frying It 4

I have two old electric fence chargers parmak that take a 6-volt battery (recommended). I read a lot about the 12-volt electric frying components such as light bulbs / wiring in 6-volt Autos.Aber I can hurt you like a simple device such as a fence charger?

Car Charger Doesn’t Work 2

My car charger does not charge my GPS. I plug it into the slot, but the light does not turn on the cable, and my GPS ran out of the Akku.Gibt it something that I do need to use the car charger? Thank you!