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Where To Buy A Honda Size Oil Filter And Crush Washer What Brand And National Store Chain Sells Them 2

Always be ordered in the Honda brand filter online. I want to pick up one locally and not really to get it at the dealers. Where can I find a decent filter and retaining ring?

Am Trying To Determine Proper Spacer Placement For Rear Wheel Chain Drive 92 Sportster Hugger. 2

Two are larger, one (on it with a line) is shorter. Have the Great go on each side of the hub, with the brief on the outside, right? You just will not seem to fit, if I try it together again. Thanks, Steve

What Is The Difference With A Timing Belt And Timing Chain 8

Can you adjust a timing chain on an 2000 altima. if your timing is off and you have a chain how do you fix it. if you get it fixed, is it likely to go off mechanic messed with the distributor cap and said he adjusted it. does

I Have Some Connecting Rods Anf A Timing Chain Cover For A Small Block Ford But I Dont Know What Year Or Kind 3

The casting number for the timing chain cover is c50e-6059 with a a-1 below it the rods say c80e-a with aq51 beside it do you know what engine they go with ?

Need Help With Removing The Timing Chain Tensioner To Change Water Pump Of A 1998 Nissan Maxima 1

The factory repair manual indicated that I need pushing the tensioner sleeve, apply a stopper pin so it does not return. My questions are: 1) What type of pin should I use? From the picture in the manual it looks like one of those cork board push pin with