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Im Rewiring My Car Stereo What Gauge Wire Should I Use 1

I got a kenwood eclipse cd player and some 500 watt kenwood 6x9s but i dont got any good 4x6s atm just some pioneers my friend gave me. my car is a 91 Caprice Classic and only reason im rewiring it is because its got a boss system in

I Finaly Fixed It 6

I own a 1891 Caprice and I had a bad misfire under load only I posted 5 questions to try to figure out the problem asking the Chevrolet experts here on this sight what could be wrong with the car.I received many answers ranging from a bad TPS sensor,

1991 Chevrolet Caprice Fuel Regulator 2

I have a 1991 Caprice with a 5.0 engine. The car starts great! and idols smooth even in sub 0 weather, however after the car reaches full opp. temp (CLOSED LOOP) and I come to a stop and try to accelerate the engine completely cuts in and out I

Which Carburetors Is Best Rochester Quadrajet 4bbl Or Holley 4bbl 3

Which one is best for 1987 Caprice Brougham? Rochester or holley carb?

I Have A 1995 Chevrolet Caprice And It Starts And Cuts Off After About 10 Secs. What Can Be The Problem 2

I have a 350 motor with an edelbrock carburetor. I have a 350 motor with an edelbrock carburetor.

I Want To Install A Indash Double Din Stereo In A 94 Caprice 1

I seen a kit online to lower your air controls in order to have more room to install the in dash I have a 7″ screen just wondering if any one could help me find a kit to put it in.