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I Am Not To Car Savy. Can You Explain This To Me 6

My husband and I found a great deal for a car. We went to go see it and it sounds like a great deal.( And yes, I do totally trust the place were getting it from.) Although, they were tuning it up and still building it when we got

1996 Mercedes E320 I Got In The Car And Only Driver’s Door Unlocks And Car Is Dead As A Dornail 3

I recvd this car upon the death of a loved one. It is a 1996 – I have had it in the shop 4x this year alone. Just got it back last week -replaced cam shaft among other things. It’s cost me so far $7,000 this year. Now, I

Reposting Civic 1.6L Compression Issues. 3

On a 98′ Civic with a 1.6 SOHC, Non-VTEC, Interference motor with Automatic. Vehicle was originally brought to me on a complaint of crank no start, cranks unusually fast, no spark. I have since replaced the Ignitor, (Ignition control module), Coil and wiring issue. the vehicle now has signal

I Need Help With A 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Cuts Off Going Down The Road & Won’t Crank For 10 Min To 24 Hrs. 5

This jeep is driving me nuts! we’ve replaced 4 or 5 parts, including all the ones the diagnostic computer says to, but still, when you least expect it, it will just cut off going down the road, or fail to crank when you are leaving the grocery store. none