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I Am Replacing Rotors On A 1997 Honda Accord. The Hub Was Out I Put It Back In. How Do I Know It’s Seated 2

I used the GDT5 tool from Try-In Tools to remove the hub. It took a while to reinstall it because the spindle on the hub barely fits into the knuckle. Anyway, I was able to get it put in using the axle nut to help guide it in. I

Why Does The Rear Wheel Drum On My ’92 Subaru Loyale Keep Getting Lose 10

I just put a new a new drum and axle nut on it and it is still happening. According to the repair manual, it is not missing any parts. I tighten the axle nut as much as possible. The splines on the previous drum were worn, therefore it was

How Do I Troubleshoot Bearings 4

I think i have a bad bearing, i can hear a humming coming from one of my rear wheels, i dont know which one, how do i fiond out which one it is, before it fails catastophically? They are non drive axles, is there simply an axle nut and

Any One Want To Give Me Some Pointers On How To Tighten Down Front Wheel Bearings On A 1987 GMC V1500 4×4 2

I have to replace my front wheel bearings on my truck.Can you point me in the right direction on how to tighten them down correctly after installation.How tight do i make the axle nut or anything that may have to do while i’m replacing them.Thanks. This truck does have

How Do I Remove The Front Passenger Side Spindle On A 1994 4×4 Ford Explorer 1

I have the axle nut and the two ball bearings nuts off but i cant figure out how to remove spindle if my explorer doesnt have a torsion bar i wouldnt need to do anything else right??? superb had best anwser

Car Axle Question 2

I have a 1996 ford Taurus GL and I am replacing the front wheel bearing. I need to get the axle nut off but I don’t know what size it is. I have heard either 30mm 32mm or 1 1/8 help please!