Question About Will O2 Sensor Reset Itself After Replacement


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Need Replacement Knock Sensor Plug

I have a 2007 Acura TL. I suspect that rats gekaut.Nun through my knock sensor wire, I'm looking for a replacement knock sensor plug with a wire shopping, but all will find what I have knock sensors. When I have a knock sensor, it usually takes ... Read more

Recall On 2001 Chevy Malibu With 3.1 Engine

I had my 2001 chevy malibu running at a gas station. Some man out of nowhere approached me and said that there is an issue with the engine itself. He said he was a mechanic at a GM dealer and that a a switch needs to ... Read more

Mazda Protege ’97 Engine Revs Up, Feels Like I Hit A Bump

I've driven my Protege since '96. It is a '97. Recently, its check light kept coming on and off, so I had the sensor replaced, tubes cleaned and codes reset. But a week later, the brake light started coming on and off. I figured I'd bring it ... Read more

Replacing The Oxygen Sensor On My 02 Silverado

Ok so its Engine Code: P0161 Downstream Oxygen Sensor (Right cylinder bank), heater performance So I know that is bank 2, sensor 2 do I need to replace the oxygen sensor or is there an easier fix? Also I need to get the check engine light off, ... Read more

97 Prelude Knock Sensor Error Code

I have purchase this car from a guy in another state. I try to register in california but they need to ge the car smok first. I have notice an engine check light and the code said knock sensor error. I have replace 2 sensors, once ... Read more

How Long Does It Take For A Bad IAT Sensor To Trip My Check Engine Light

I recently had a check engine light that coded a bad IAT sensor and a bad knock sensor on my 2000 xterra. I found out that sometimes the knock sensor is a faulty code so i reset the computer and now the light went away and ... Read more

Cam Shaft/ Crank Shaft Sensor

Ok, I recently changed my spark plugs and wires. I have changed my alternator, battery, fuel filter and all that jazz. I have an OBD II computer that i check my dtc codes with and I have a code for camshaft position sensor a bank 1 ... Read more