Question About Will My Battery Die If I Leave Something Plugged Into The Cigarette Lighter


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Will My Fm Transmitter Run My Car Battery Dead

I just bought a ipod fm transmitter/charger for my car that plugs into the cigarette lighter. When I turn the car off the transmitter still stays on and I was scared that it will run my battery dead if I leave it plugged in too long ... Read more

Would This Drain My Car Battery

I know that on some cars, the power from the cigarette lighter goes off when you turn the car off. However, in my car, that is not the case, if I turn my car's engine off, I can still plug a phone charger or or my ... Read more

Leaving A Phone Car Charger Plugged In

Will leaving a car charger plugged into the cigarette lighter of a car (while engine is off) without being connected to any device run down the battery? Car in question: 07 Chevrolet ... Read more

Can Solar Car Chargers Work Without Having The Key To The Car Turned To Accessory

I am installing a solar trickle charger in my car thinking. Most of them have a cigarette lighter plug-in for easy Installation.Aber I'm not sure that they actually charge the battery. I can not get power to the cigarette lighter plug-ins, without turning the key to ... Read more

Trickle Battery Charger…will It Charge A Dead Battery

I have a car w / a dead battery (06 Ford Fusion), and will not be able to make it as likely to drive a cpl more months. . . (Cycles through probate court ...) So I wonder if I will hook up one solar trickle ... Read more

Cig Lighter And Horn Wont Work On A 98 Cavalier

I was driving the car one day the horn worked and then the next day nothing ! as well the cigarette lighter stopped working, i have checked all the fuses and all good ! i figured i would get back to the lighter later so i ... Read more

Where Can I Get 2 Red Neon Light Bars For Under My Car Seats That Use The Cigarette Lighter Plug For Power

I've been thinking about putting some red neon lights underneath the driver and passenger seats of my car. The main thing is, I don't want to hard wire anything (at least for now) so I need something that will run off power from the cigarette ... Read more