Question About Will Car Stall With A Bad Mass Airflow Sensor


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Nissan Altima Sensor Problem

I got codes of P0100 and P0325 on my scanner, which came back as mass airflow and knock sensor problem, before replacing them myself, i was wondering which is more important to change first, i have yet to try to clean the mass airflow sensor but ... Read more

97 Nissan Sentra Mass Air Flow Sensor

My car wouldn't start so we replaced the distributor cap and then the spark plugs. There was fuel coating the old plugs and it seemed like it was too wet in the engine to get started. So we took off the air intake hose ... Read more

Vw New Beetle Problem, Help Please

I have a 1998 VW New Beetle. It is going badly, loses power often tough time to go up hill, turn out idle (shaking) has advised me it could be my MAF to the air mass flow. . . . I am a part of online ... Read more

Does Anyone Know Where The Barometric Pressure Sensor Is Located On 1994 Mustang Gt 5.0

I beleive my barometric pressure sensor ( bap sensor ) is going or gone bad in my mustang gt. I dont know where the sensor is located on it and the haynes guide doesnt even mention it or the location. If anyone can point me in ... Read more

Would A Mass Airflow Sensor Ot Throttle Body Spacer Do More

I have an '05 GMC Yukon with magna exhaust and k&n intake already on it. What do you think would do more for my car: a JET MAF Sensor or a JET Throttle Body Spacer? Spacers seem cheaper but sensors seem to do more and ... Read more

Oil Coming From The Carburetor

In my 93 dodge stealth ES oil is leaking from the carborator through the butterfly and coating my air intake piping all the way down through the MAF sensor to the cold air filter( can this mess with the Mass Airflow Sensor?). while the main ... Read more