Question About Will A Code Of A Knock Sensor Fail The Emission Test In Illinois


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Is A Knock Sensor An Emission Related Repair

I have to spend atleast $450 in emissions related repairs in the state of Maryland in order to qualify for a waiver. I ran the computer diagnostic test which says my 2 oxygen sensors have failed and my knock sensor. Thats $450+. I know the oxygen ... Read more

Knock Sensor Or Oc Sensor On 2001 Xterra

Ok, so I went to autozone and got the code from the test. The knock sensor came up as a problem. I don't want to have to replace this so I looked up some info. I guess it could be my OC sensor too (which would ... Read more

CEL Light On For Knock Sensor 96 Maxima

96 maxima -Will the CEL go on because of the knock sensor? I had to get the entire exhaust replaced, so there were 2 codes, 02, and knock. Fixed exhaust, so 02 code went away, now I have the knock code left. I don't ... Read more

I Got A Code Threw Out For My ’95 Nissan Maxima Indicating ‘Knock Sensor Or Circuit Fault’. Do I Have To…

Do I have to replace it or could it be something else? It's hell to get to to replace it. Will the knock sensor cause you to fail emissions when it's being tested at 15mph and 25mph? ... Read more

Will The Knock Sensor Cause The Engine Light To Turn On

I have heard the knock sensor will not cause the check engine light to go on, is this true, and if so what would the real problem be? Just wanted to add some more details. 96 maxima - I had to get the entire exhaust replaced, ... Read more

Knock Sensor Question

Ok I have a 92 honda prelude with a knock sensor code. I know the knock sensor protects the engine and all that good stuff, but my car revs up and down. Its not my IAC because I replaced it with a good IAC. Can it ... Read more

Where Is The Knock Sensor Located On A 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan

We need to change the knock sensor to get our van to pass emissions testing... Does anyone know where it's located? The van has a 3.0L engine, if that helps any! It has to have a knock sensor. We had it hooked up to a computer ... Read more