Question About Why Would Putting Bigger Tires Than Recommended On Your Vehicle Affect Your Speedometer Reading


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If I Change The Size Of My Cars Tires, Will The Speedometer Read Incorrectly

I have a '92 Bonneville. I'm considering putting some bigger wheels on it with some lower profile tires. Is my speedometer going to be messed up when I do this? If it will, how can I fix it? ... Read more

How Much Faster Will My Speedometer Say With My Bigger Tires

I orginally had 16.5;'s on my chevy C2500 3/4 ton but I just put 35 X 12.50 how much will my speedometer differ I'm not real sure what my gear ratio is but what is a ballpark figure on how much it will be off The exact ... Read more

What Does It Mean If My Speedometer Is Reading A Speed That’s Not Accurate

Ok so I drive a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix. My girlfriend was driving today and she said that the speedometer is reading off numbers that aren't accurate. She said she was going about 5 MPH and the speedometer was reading 80. I am trying to figure ... Read more

What could be causing the speedometer on a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder to malfunction

The vehicle is a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder. The speedometer will sit at 0 when you start driving, then move up to somewhere between 0-5mph or 0-10mph. Then it will jump to 30mph and if the vehicle is driven for an extended time - sometimes ... Read more

The Speedometer Form My 81 Chevy Pickup Doesn’t Work. How Do I Fix It

I have bigger tires than it comes with stock, could that be it? I don't think its the speedometer cable ... Read more

How To Recalibrate A 2000 Nissan Xterra Speedometer

I have a 2000 nissan xterra and am putting bigger tires I am looking for a speedometer recalibrater cant seem to find one for the 1st generation xterra online anybody know how to recalibrate it or where i can find a reclibrater? ... Read more

Can Bigger Tires On Your Car Mess Up Your Speedometer

If you put larger tires on your car / truck, but what it came with will / can cause your speedo to show wrong? I'm fighting with my husband about it :-) ... Read more