Question About Why Does My Coolant Temperature Gauge Stay Low


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95 Honda Civic Lx Overheating

Yesterday i drove my honda civic on road, it got overheating. the coolant came out like steam and boiled water from the cap of reservoir. the temperature gauge hit the red zone. I added some coolant and drove the car again. the temperature hit red again. ... Read more

Hi I Got A 1995 Z28 Anyways When The Cars Running Or When I Step On The Gas The Oil Pressure Gauge Dial

Jumps up and goes back down now im just wondering is that normal like if i had had the car brand new at the dealership would it have done that? also the temperature gauge well ive been like for example sitting at a redlight the temp ... Read more

Coolant Temperature Gauge Always Stays In Cold Position

One month ago, the temperature gauge of my 1996 Ford aerostar(3.0L) will move to normal after 20-minute driving. Now, the gauge always stayed at cold position even when I short circuited the coolant sensor connector to engine ground. I replaced the two coolant temperature sensors. The ... Read more

Why Does My 1995 Toyota Camry Temperature Gauge Always Read Low Should I Get The Thermostat Changed

For some reason the temperature gauge always fluctuates from cold to just below the mid point of the gauge. I'm not sure if it's the thermostat or the gauge. Is there any way for me to check either or both? ... Read more

How Do You Tell If Your Car Is Overheating

I live in Florida, and I have a BLACK 2000 Honda Civic EX. The temperature gauge doesn't seem like it's not working or anything, but it doesn't really fluctuate; it's constant whether it's 95 degrees outside or if it's night time. When I get done with ... Read more

Why Does My Temperature Gauge Move Up After My Car Is Off.

I have a 2000 chevy s10. i just put a new alternator and battery in it. when i turn the truck off the temperature gauge goes to 0. i take the key out, sit for a minute and watch. then the gauge will jump up to ... Read more

What Would Cause High Coolant Temperature When I Restart The Car After Only A Few Minutes

My '98 Audi A4 maintains coolant temperature well--the thermostat was replaced a few months ago. Oil temperature is also good. However, if I restart within a few minutes on a warm day, the coolant temperature nearly pegs high. It comes down to normal ... Read more