Question About Why Are Flames Coming Out Of The The Headers


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Does Anyone Know How To Set Up Flame Thrower Kit On Motorcycle I Have Basic Kit But Injected So Small Flames

There is a kit you can build that runs fuel to plugs in exhaust to throw larger flames i have a safe kit set up but small flames thanks to baffles and fuel injection system not much waisted fuel out the exhaust to flame ... Read more

How Do I Get Flames To Shoot Out Of My Exhaust

I got a 1971 crysler New Yorker, and i just put a dual flowmaster exhaust, and i wanna put flames, in which when i rev the comes out (if that could be done with a switch or whatever) i know my sutff when it comes ... Read more

Toyota Corolla Engine BlowoutWhat Caused The Flames

Scenario: Inadvertently kneed shifter into low gear at freeway speeds. Overrreved and basically blewup/seized/stalled then coasted to gas station. After adding a quart of engine oil and letting it "cool down" about 10 min. Tried ignition key. Metallic rattling sound and three flame balls right hand ... Read more

What Is The Best Material For Exhaust Headers

I know that stainless steel headers are much more expensive so i figured they were better for your car and look good too, but ceramic headers keep your car cooler so which one is better? ... Read more

Headers And Exhaust Manifolds

Okay i just bought a new 350 HO crate. and the guy who put it in put on exhaust manifolds instead of headers. now you have to buy them both, and yes headers are a little more expensive,but.. well im trying to ask why co. like ... Read more

Catalytic Converter/headers Question

I have already changed my muffler to a Flowmaster Super 40 muffler. I just bought a Magnaflow high flow cat, and i am looking at headers now. Will changing out my cat change the exhaust sound? what are the benefits of having headers? ... Read more