Question About White Smoke Coming From The Tailpipe When I Accelerate Why


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Can’t Accelerate, Stalls Out

My '95 toyota corolla stalls out when it accelerates. There is a burnt hole in the distributor coil. could that be the problem? sometimes it starts stalling without accelerating, and when i try to rev the engine some white smoke comes out of ... Read more

2001 Nissan White Smoke After Shut Off, Coming From Underbody Of Car

Temp gauge is at normal level, so I do not think it is a Überhitzung.Auto not smoke in the morning or on short trips. On the way home from work (about 15 mi), and then after I parked car away, a lot of white smoke coming ... Read more

I Have White Smoke Coming From Tailpipe And Oil In The Spark Plugs Can It Be Head And Valve Gasket

Autozone, said it was from odb code P0436 (Catalyst Temperature Sensor Range/Performance (Bank 2)). And recommended me buying a new O2 sensor and doing a tune-up. Should I buy new Valve and Head gaskets and do a tune-up, or could it be something else? ... Read more

Reason For White Smoke Coming From Car While Driving

I drive a 1990 Cadillac El Dorado and I have been having problems with my car burning up coolant. But tonight while 200 miles away from home white, sweet smelling smoke started coming up from my hood. Checked the temperature on my car and it was ... Read more

White Smoke Coming Out Of Muffler And Overheats

I have a 1993 Honda Civic Ex, it has been giving me problems lately. It overheats and white smoke comes out of the muffler? Does anybody know what the problem is and how to fix it? I do not want to take it to a mechanic. ... Read more

Temperature Spikes, White Smoke, Loud Turbo Blowing Noise

I have a 2006 F-350 turbo diesel and I have been getting this problem where my temperature spikes to really hot sometimes and my turbocharger starts to make really loud noises and white smoke is coming out of the exhaust pipe.. What does this all mean? ... Read more

Why Does My Subaru B4 99 Smoke From The Engine Does Anybody Know How To Fix The Problem

Smoke coming from the engine when I go for a long drive, such as 1 / 2 hours +. Its not completely white smoke of his way clear misty smoke and it smells a bit like burning oil. Plus I had a look at the fan ... Read more