Question About Where Is The Fuel Pump Relay On 02 Ford Taurus


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2002 Ford Taurus Fuel Pump Problem

Once the winter came so did the problem. It began with 20 degree weather and the car didnt start. The fuel pump in the tank couldnt be heard so no fuel was getting to the engine. After a few days of warmth it ... Read more

I Need Help With My 92 Ford Ranger Please

I have a 92 Ford Ranger PU and I have replaced the fuel pump, 3 fuel injectors, fuel relay, and other related fuel parts. Also my boyfriend took out the distributor and when he put it back he lined it up with the #1 plug. ... Read more

Where Are The Ac Relay And The Fuel Pump Relay Located In A 2000 Blazer

I am having a hard time starting the suv when it is warmed up. Takes a few more seconds of turning over. Changed gas cap and $600 fuel pump only to have same problem. I can also smell gas when this happens. When it is cold, ... Read more

89 Chevy Silverado Not Getting Fuel.

I have power to the orange wire on the fuel pump relay, but nothing to the fuel pump fuse. not sure if there is a oil pressure switch on this year. not getting power to pump as far as I can tell. Any ides? Pulled lines ... Read more

Bad Fuel Pump Relay 1988 Honda Civic DX

My 1988 honda civic dx will start when its cold and drive for about 10-15 minutes but then it will start to sputter as if it's run out of gas then it stalls. How do I know if it's the fuel pump relay? I know the ... Read more

Fuel Pump Relay On S10 1988 Chev Pickup 4×4

Fuel pump relay switch not in glove compartment.. looked. pump good.. has kicked in when key is on,probed wiring and there is juice, need to know if the ground wires for the pump are grounded to the top of the gas tank or where is ... Read more

Ford Probe Won’t Start, Can’t Figure Out The Problem, What Do You Think It Is

I recently put a 93 Ford Probe manual transmission engine into a 95 Ford Probe that had previously had an automatic transmission. Also I replaced the 95 computer with the 93 computer. Currently the car won't start, it is not getting power to the ignition or ... Read more