Question About Where Is 2006 Jetta Gli Thermostat


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How Do I Change The Thermostat On My 2005 Jetta Gli 1.8T Thermostat And Where Is The Location Of The Part

Everytime i start and the engine and drive the car until the engine is hot, then two or the three blocks later the engine starts overheating and tells me to stop the vehicle. I checked the radiator and it was cold. So what could be the ... Read more

What Type Of Thermostat Do I Use For My 95 Jetta VW

I have never put in a thermostat before, and i saw online that i have many choices of temperatures.. I'm not sure what the temperatures mean. Could someone explain? I do not have an owners manual, but i do have a repair manual, and so far ... Read more

2008 VW Jetta Or 2006 Audi A4

For my first car? I'm 16 & going to get an automatic. I would pick either a new 2008 VW Jetta SE or a used 2006 Audi A4 Sedan w/ FWD, not Quattro (I can consider Quattro but I rarely get snow). They are both around $20,000. I haven't ... Read more

What Is The Approximate Cost To Replace Thermostat In 03 Jetta

The dealer wants $307, does this seem too high? ... Read more

2006 Chrysler Sebring Touring Thermostat Is Replaced But Still Overheats

Why does my car still overheat after replacing the thermostat and senser. My car has the 2.7L engine there are no leaks and fans cycle normal. Replaced senser and thermostat. Engine is 2.7L. bleed air out of system. But still overheats. ... Read more

Vw Jetta Wheel Spacers I Need Help

I have an 04 jetta 1.8t. i am looking to buy wheel spacers. how do i know how far i can go? this link is for 1 1/4" would this be suitable for front and rear. i have 18inch rims with a kumho 225/40r tire. will ... Read more