Question About Whats The Plastic Under The Front End Of My Car Called


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Whats The Name Of The Plastic Panel Behind And Below The Front Bumper That Deflects Air To The Radiator

I own a 2000 chevy cavalier and have damaged this part i can't find a replacement because i dont know what its called ive tried spoiler , air dam , and air deflector , no luck ... Read more

What Is The Plastic Panel Called That Is Between The Grille And Front Bumper Of Most Cars

What is the plastic panel called that is between the grille and front bumper of most cars? ... Read more

What Is The Black Plastic Piece Called That Goes Underneath The Bumper Not The Grille

Http:// In case you're unclear as to what I'm referencing, look at the link above. I'm talking about the black plastic piece below the bumper. Mine is busted and I'm trying to buy a new one. My mechanic called it an air dam, but ... Read more

Whats This Part Called

I own a 98 civic lx and just changed my ignition coil and had to take a part out and now its not running right. My question is what is the plastic piece that separates the the rotor from the inside electric stuff of the distributor ... Read more

What Is The Name Of The Plastic Ring That Helps The Rim Sit In Place

When I had new 17" rims installed the guys at the rims shop put on these plastic rings (not spacers) that were thin and about 2-3" in diameter and it surrounded the little center ring (between the lugs) . Their purpose was to center the ... Read more

The Black Plastic Under Body Protector Part On My Toyota Yaris Needs To Be Replaces. What Is It Called

It's the plactic cover that runs from from front headlight to headlight underneath the front bumper. it got mashed up with a pot hole and if i can find the part, i can just replace it myself. i know toyota will charge me a forturne ... Read more

1993 Ford Explorer Front Grille Repair

I just bought a used 1993 ford explorer that's been sandwiched between 2 other cars. i want to do some repairs on the front does anyone know what the metal strip (about 3 inches thick) below the front grille is called? i can't find a replacement part if ... Read more