Question About Whats The Difference Between A Cr80 Cylinder And A Cr85 Cylinder


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What Is The Difference Between Boring And Honing A Cylinder.

I Have a 2001 Yamaha YZ 125 it has scratches in it from the piston ring. i have called a dirtbike shop and they said that it cost $250-$300 to get it honed but i dont have that kind of money and you can almost buy ... Read more

2009 Honda Accord. Buy The 4 Cylinder Or V6

I am debating on buying the 2009 Honda Accord 190 HP EX-L 4 cylinder or the V-6. Due to the high gas prices and the HUGE size, I am wondering if there is a major difference in performance. If so, which one is the better choice ... Read more

How Do I Find The Size Engine In My 84 Nissan 720 Pickup Can I Look At The Vin How Do I Know

Is there a stamp or something on the motor or what. it has a 2bbl carb. i think is 2.4. not sure. it has 8 spark plugs if that makes a difference. it's a 4 cylinder with two plugs per cylinder. ... Read more

Car Engine Terminolog Questions

Im trying to tie everything together regarding terminology for a engine block (Honda 4 cylinder) I understand the mechanisms and different parts of the engine (Oil Pan, Crankshaft, Rods, Cylinders, valves, springs, valve cover, etc.) a) what is the correct term for the diameter of "tube" or pathway ... Read more

What Would Win Between This Three Cars

04 Pontiac Sunfire 4 cylinder and a power programmer OR 98 Ford Mustang 6 cylinder OR 03 Chevy Cavalier 4 cylinder ... Read more

Can I Resleeve My Cylinder

I have a 1989 kawasaki 80 big wheel dirt bike. Three people from the kawasaki dealer didn't say anything about resleeving my cylinder. The only thing they said was to get a bigger piston and bore the cylinder. But a seller online said his 1989 kawasaki ... Read more

Will Volkswagen Try My Design Of 2 Cylinder Horizontal Engine

Difference is the cylinder is mounted directly opposite the other angle, direction, level. Valves in the block opposite each other. Inlet part is better cool air. 2 piece rod in the same center line, only 2 cylinders when trying ok single virtical like sun rain hat. ... Read more