Question About Whats The Average Price To Turn Rotors


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On Average, How Much For Brake Pads And Rotors For 05 VW Passat

I really don't have a preferrence for the dealer or a smaller shop, but I do not want to change them myself. Does anybody have any price range they could give me that they paid??? Thanks ... Read more

Price On Brakes For Nissan Sentra

I have a 2006 Nissan Sentra with 49600 miles on it. I just bought new tires for it and was quoted 500 for new brake pads, rotors and service at firestone. At Tuffy they quoted me about 300 for front brakes. My dad told me about ... Read more

Cost For Catalytic Converter And Knock Sensor

Whats the rough average price and hours to replace a catalytic converter on a 2001 Nissan Altima and a Knock Sensor. My car's SES light came on and I pulled the codes: P0420 and P0325. I am doing a worse case scenario price, especially for the ... Read more

Should I Turn Ported Rotors When Installing New Brake Pads

I just had new brake pads put on my car and the mechanic said I shouldn't/don't need to turn my rotors because they are heavy duty ported/slotted rotors and I'd be shortening the life of the rotors. Did he scam me or was it good advice? ... Read more

Whats A Fair Price For ’01 Jetta Rear Brake Pads And Rotors/service

I am needing these things and possibly new calipers. Anyone have a similar problem or know what kind of cost to expect? ... Read more

I Need New Brake Pads And/or Rotors For My 2002 Benz E320,whats The Best Types And Brands For Pads And Rotors

The warning just came on yestaday so Im sure its nothin major.Should I change my rotors and pads?What are the best type of pads and rotors for Benzs?I need Service B soon, will the dealership fix this problem if I take it to them to get ... Read more

Cheapest Upgrade For More HP/torque On A 305 82 Chevy Truck

I found out that this motor needs a crankshaft and don't want to go through the hassle of looking for a used 350 and taking the risk something else might be wrong with it or something not compatible etc. So If you were to upgrade something ... Read more