Question About What Would Make The Front Tire Squeak While Driving My Pt Cruiser


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I Just Changed My Front Disc Brakes And Now They Seem Stiffer To Move And They Squeak Hmm.

I just recently changed out the disc brake pads on my Nissan Altima GXE with a friend. Everything was done correctly, the brake lines were bled according to ABS/non ABS. Now for the first few minutes driving every time I start my car my front brakes squeak ... Read more

Toyota Matrix How Can I Replace Brake Pads & Rotors On A Toyota Matrix

I own a 2005 Toyota Matrix. One of the front wheels (I think), on the drivers side, is "singing" (squeak-squeak-squeak) while driving. It is most apparent when I drive along a wall or highway median divider, and is getting louder and louder. I assume ... Read more

How To Replace A Broken Lug Stud On A 2002 PT Cruiser

When removing a tire yesterday, on my 2002 PT Cruiser, the lug nut was on so tight that it wouldn't loosen. Instead, the lug bolt actually broke at the end of the lug nut. How do you replace the broken lugt bolt? Can ... Read more

Pt Cruiser Spare Tire Carrier Bolt

I was in a hurry changing a tire and forgot to crank back up the tire carrier under my PT. I got to a safe place and found that the connector bolt fell off making it impossible to use the under car tire carrier.Is there a ... Read more

Strange Squeaking Noise Under The Hood

I have a 2002 Dodge Grande Caravan that squeaks. It's not a squealing noise (meaning that it isn't a constant noise). It's more like a repeated squeak (example: squeak, squeak, squeak). The only time that it goes away is when I press on the gas. It ... Read more

Why Do My New Brakes Squeak

I got new brakes pads for my 97 nissan quest because they were squeaking, but even with the new brakes they still make that annoying high pitched squeak. ... Read more

I Have A FJ Cruiser, But I Dont Like The Way It Looks With The Spare Tire Cover

Does the tire rot or dry up if not covered? i do armor all it every two weeks, i have noticed that there are some kinda white and greenish spots on the tire. could that be a combo of the mixture of armor all and wetter ... Read more