Question About What Would Happen If Water Is Mixed With Oil In A Car Engine


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What Will Happen If You Run Your Truck Without A Thermostat

I don't think my thermostat s letting water past the water neck to cool the engine because the temp sensor is out on it and my truck i know has to be heating up without water getting past so what will happen if I just take ... Read more

Water Leaking Into The Oil Can It Be Fixed

We bought an '89 Bayliner Cruiser with a GM 3.0Litre OMC engine in it. The owner told us it only needed minor repair (of course a complete ripoff!). We wound up having to purchase a used engine block because the one in the boat was ... Read more

Why Is There Water Coolant In My Motor Oil When I Check The Oil Level

My wife checked the water level and forgot to put the radiator cap back on. She drove for a couple of miles and all the water was spit out and the engine overheated and turned off. We waited for the engine to cool down, added more ... Read more

Can Someone Possibly Tell Me What Happen To My Car Overheating

Today as I was going on the freeway my car starting beeping and I saw the temperature reading and it was way passed H. So I pulled over, turned off the engine, and popped the hood. White smoke was coming out the engine and out the ... Read more

What Would Happen Now Cause I Have Poured More Distilled Water Well Above The Upper Max. Level In A Battery

What would happen now, cause i have mistakenly poured more distilled water well above the upper (Max.) level in a car battery ? what should i do now ? i heard that the distilled water from each cell will mix to each other and hence the performance ... Read more

If I Put A Cam On My Engine What Will Happen

I have a 4.3 v6 engine that i have lightly modified. Such as K&N cold air induction kit, throttle body spacer, underdrive pulleys, headers, edelbrock heavy duty water pump, flowmaster dual exhaust, and a high 160amp alternator. I am afraid that if i put in a ... Read more

Does Water Filter Its Way Out Of The Oil

Ive been finding water in my oil lately on the dipstick and now a couple days later I go to check the oil and the oil is clean now i ran the truck for several hours let it cool and then checked again and still no ... Read more